They’re wrong!!!

I know…

They’re wrong.

But could you just tweak that statement a wee bit and say, “They’re mostly wrong.”

The moment you do that, you give yourself permission to listen to them, and who knows, you may discover you have something in common after all.    

It may only be a small sliver of commonality, but it’s a start.  And on that common ground you may be able to build something better than just choosing sides and shouting at each other.

Of course, this will require the humility to admit that you may not be omniscience yourself.   

The ONE THING for today: When you allow for someone to be mostly wrong that means you are conceding that they can at least be a little bit right.  That “little bit” could be the steppingstone to building a better tomorrow for you both.

This is why some people can't admit they're wrong

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