Customer Service

You have customers. 

You may or may not be in “sales”, but trust me, you have customers.

Call them what you want: family, friends, boss, colleagues, neighbors, cashiers, waitresses, the guy wiping your car down at the local car wash, prospects, buyers, sellers, and yes…customers. 

Whatever you call them, “customers” are the people who determine your level of success and happiness in life. 

You can ignore them, take them for granted, treat them like they don’t matter, and treat them with disrespect, but know this, you’re only sabotaging your own life.

When it comes to “customer service” you have two options:

  • You can be a cynic who says, “I’ll not play the political game” or
  • You can spend your life investing in relationships. 

How do you invest in relationship?

Call it “customer service” and give them the “platinum treatment”, which is giving people better than they expected. 

It will take you a long way in life.

The ONE THING for today: What do you think would happen in your home, at your job, and throughout your day if you gave your “customers” the “Platinum-treatment”?  

Who is the customer in the picture below?

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