Saturday Briefing for NCR Pastors

For all the extraordinary ministers, members, and friends of the Church of God in the North Central Region, the following YouTube is a briefing I sent to our pastors.

It gives an update on some of the happenings in our Region that may be of interest to you.

I also share a short lesson on Being an Extraordinary Leader During Extraordinary Times.

While my remarks are to pastors, I believe you will find it helpful too. During these extraordinary times we need extraordinary leaders in every walk of life.

And the good news is that I bet you’re more extraordinary than you think!

Check out my video to learn how you can be sure. Those you love and care about, those you work with and for, all deserve it and besides, you’ve got it in you!

As always, your care and concern for the great NCR is a source of encouragement to us all.

Let’s keep running to win!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Briefing for NCR Pastors

  1. Good morning Pastor Kemp!

    I just listened to your Saturday Briefing for NCR Pastors. My how Brad and I have always appreciated and highly valued your God-given wisdom! Thank you for the wisdom you brought to your dear NCR Pastors and any of us who were “wise” enough to also listen.

    Oh that Brad and I were younger and ordained. What a privilege it would be to be part of the NCR Team!!! We are in spirit and prayer!

    May blessings continue to abound for you and NCR Team!

    Claudia D. Sent from my iPad



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