First Things First

Sonja and I preached this message together at the Abundant Life Fellowship in Butte, MT, Senior Pastor, Tim Moslander. ____________________ Introduction David Whether married, single by choice or not by choice I think we can all agree that love is important.  In the words of Deon Jackson’s 1966 classic song: “Love Makes the World Go … Continue reading

The ONE THING for today

How to experience the supernatural

Here’s a surefire way to experience the supernatural, and I’m not talking about some spooky, hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck-rising experience or an awe-inspiring “God-moment” while at church or while hiking in the Rockies (well maybe I am talking about a God-moment), but anyway… …here’s a simple but tough way to experience the supernatural… Love your enemies.  The most … Continue reading

The ONE THING for today

A clear indicator that you may be experiencing a miracle

There’s nothing extraordinary about loving people who are loveable.  Don’t expect to get special commendations for loving people who love you and don’t look for an extra star in your crown for being nice to nice people. But to love the unlovable… …now that’s a different story. To genuinely and intentionally love your enemies and … Continue reading