Is there any value?

“Risks are not to be evaluated in terms of the probability of success, but in terms of the value of the goal.” _John Maxwell


More than knowing they are loved, people need to be valued.

Being valued is oxygen for the soul.

Being valued is oxygen for the soul. 

Afterall, we love our pets and sunshine. 

We love ice cream, cake, football, hunting, shopping, traveling, cooking, fine dining, our favorite chair and that old jersey we ought to throw away that we’ve had since High School.

Even when they disappoint us, fail us, and betray us, we still love our family and close friends.

Love is good…even essential…

But there is something we can do to take love into the stratosphere…we can value people.   

Valuing someone means we see them as having an essential purpose and reason for existing. 

It means they matter…they matter for a reason.  Like light, air, hope, security…when we value someone we are saying they have an essential place and purpose in the world and in our life.

Think of it this way…

  • When you pity someone you give them charity
  • When you love someone you give them mercy
  • When you value someone you give them life


The ONE THING for today:

Want to make a difference like never before?  Want to really be an essential and important member of your family, company, school, community, and church?  Want to be valued?  Then don’t stop with adding value…give value…to those around you.  

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2 thoughts on “Is there any value?

  1. Most excellent ONE THING! You are excellent in how you consistently make folks feel valued – that they matter! Claudia

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    1. Thank you Claudia! You are an amazing encourager. Also, Brad tells me you are also an excellent editor! If you ever see a grammar tweak that I missed (and there are many) please text me with your recommendations. Thanks!

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