Patiently Merciful

O let nothing turn you aside from your divine errand of mercy to undying souls.  This is your one business.” _C. H. Spurgeon


Don’t confuse patience with mercy.

You can patiently wait for someone to fail, fall, and make a fool of themselves.

You can patiently stonewall, resist, and undermine someone else’s effort while all the while having a saintly smile on your face.

You can patiently wait, keep your mouth shut, and nod your head while all the while be a raging volcano on the inside with a mind as closed as a bear trap.

Don’t confuse patience with mercy.

Mercy is different…

Mercy says, “They don’t deserve it, but they need help and I will give it.”

Mercy says, “I am more qualified, better suited, and more gifted, but someone else was chosen and therefore I will help them win.”

Mercy says, “I will not make this about me.”

The ONE THING for today:

Mercy lifts and releases. Patience…is mostly about enduring. But when you put the two together transformation has a chance.

One thought on “Patiently Merciful

  1. May it always be so in me! Love the illustration of the chain breaking and free flight taking place. Claudia

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