Called to change dirty diapers?

I remember vividly the first dirty diaper I changed. It was not until I became a grandfather.

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That’s right, the first dirty diaper I changed was as a grandparent.

I know, I should have helped Sonja with our own children, but back in the day, the demarcation between “men’s work” and “women’s work” was much more sharply divided than it is now and it just didn’t occur to either of us that I should have pitched in and helped with this responsibility. (Shame on me.)

However, my purpose in bringing this up is not to solve the problem of how couples should divvy up responsibilities in the home. You gotta work that out yourselves!

My purpose is to remind you to not limit the concept of being “called.”

Definition of calling

1: a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence


We often think of “calling” as something that happens to a select few. We picture God placing his heavy hand on someone and sending them out into the world to do great and amazing things.

And yes, sometimes God does do that.

But don’t miss the “ordinary” calling on your life that has an extraordinary impact.

Being a “papa” for example.

I didn’t feel any special “calling” to change that dirty diaper on that momentous day, but I did sense a compelling calling to be a good grandfather.

Remember, calling is not so much about being called to achieve something; calling is about being called to someone.

There’s no special merit or joy in many of the things we are required to do in life. Most of us will never be called upon to save the world or work a miracle or two. Most of what we do is more akin to “dirty diaper” tasks. But…

…when they are done in the context of doing them for someone you love and care for…someone(s) you are called to, that changes everything.

I’m still not diaper changing champion, but when it comes to my grandchildren, I’ll hold my nose and do what is necessary.

And I bet the same is true for you. Life can be tough. There’s no way to put a good spin on chores, bills, leaky faucets, dirty clothes and dishes, grass to be cut, gutters to be cleaned, bosses to be pleased, and putting up with coworkers and customers that you sometime suspect may have been spawned in hell.

But, if you can remember why you do what you do, or more importantly, who you are doing it for, that changes everything.

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I saw a billboard once that read: “The people you are working for are at home.”

That sums it up well.

The ONE THING for today: Don’t limit calling. Connect what you do to someone. Even the mundane and ordinary and the difficult and disgusting can take on a whole new meaning when you’re doing it for someone you love and are called to.

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