Who said it?

The next time you get the latest bit of news and information, before repeating it and believing it ask this most important two-part question: “Who said it and why?” 

You could save yourself (and countless others) so much trouble and tragedy if you would.

“They said…”, “I heard…”, “People are saying…”, “Everybody knows…, “I read on the internet…” “It was on Facebook…” …

Treat these and similar statements as guilty until proven true. 

And don’t forget the second part of the question: “Who said it and why?

Context is everything.  Something repeated can be true but not the truth when taken out of context.

This is a great time to be alive for those hungry to learn and be engaged in the issues of our day. But there has also never been a time when we are more exposed to lies, half-truths, and deception. 

Listener, learner and repeater…beware!  

The ONE THING for today: Before saying it, repeating it, sharing it, and believing it, do your due diligence—check your sources!

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