Deny yourself!

Is your life a swamp, lake or river?

Image result for missouri river bismarck nd"
The amazing Missouri River flowing through Bismarck, ND.
Lewis and Clark guided their river barges along this very route.
The bridge was not there then 😉

“Swamp people” are teeming with life, potential and possibilities, but they are stagnate, bogged down, and murky about where their life is going. They have no defined boundaries.

“Lake people” are not people who have a nice home on the lake (I know where your mind was going!). Lake people were once swamp people but they started saying no and creating purposeful boundaries in their life and “wah-la” good things started to happen. Their lives took on definition and purpose. People starting coming to them for answers and fulfillment.

Thank God for “lake people.”

But then there’s “river people.”

They are amazing. They say “no” so much and purposefully narrow and refine the boundaries in their lives that their influence begins to move beyond their current boundaries.

They are going somewhere with their lives. They are on a journey. Life has direction. And not only that, they take people with them.

It’s a wonderful thing to see.

So, which is it?

Are you currently a “swamp person,” a “lake person,” or a “river person”?

The ONE THING for today: Deny yourself. The more you do, the better it gets.

The greatest leadership principle: Lead yourself.
Image result for yellowstone river"
The beautiful Yellowstone river in Montana.

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