Look for the struggle

Look for the struggle, that is your sweet spot. That is where you have the best chance to improve and grow and contribute.

I know, you want comfort. So do I, and so does everyone.

But what separates those who succeed from those who don’t is that those who succeed embrace the struggle.

I remember an amazing lady I was privileged to serve as pastor. By the time she came into my life she was deep into her 70’s. She lived everyday with severe joint pain that threaten to cripple her. However, you’d never know it for she embraced the pain and determined to conquer it every day.

I remember her saying, “My pain let’s me know that I am still alive.”

And boy did she live! She was an inspiration and contributor until the day God took her home.

Are you still alive?

I guess the most comfortable person in the world is the person lying in a coffin, but they are dead.

Get up! Look for the struggle and embrace it. That is the path to your next break though.

The ONE THING for today: You will not grow and improve without a struggle.

Why sit there till you die?

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