Starting Over

The moment you are afraid to start over you’re toast.

If you are afraid to start over, every decision you make will be tainted with a little bit of, “I’ve got to survive.”

I remember a time in Sonja and my ministry that we went through a very major crisis. It could have derailed our ministry, career, and income.

There was a “D-day” season when things were either going to work out or our lives would have to go in an entirely (and unknown) direction.

I don’t remember which one of us said it first, but together we agreed, if the worse happens, we still know that God has called us into the ministry and if we have to start over by preaching and singing out on the street we would start there.

That (call it crazy grit) got us through.

I’ve determined ever since that I never want to lose that attitude.

It has served Sonja and me well and I believe it will serve you well too.

Oh, and one more thing, if the worse happens for you, you never really “start over”. You start something new and the good news is you’re smarter, wiser, and better equipped to face a new challenge.

The ONE THING for today: Fear of starting over, if need be, makes you a slave to a place, position, and perk. Courage to start over, if need be, makes you creative, positive, and production. And isn’t that what your current situation needs? I call it a win/win.

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