The ONE THING for today

Disconnect, unplug, shut it off, put it under you car tire and run over it, give it to your worse enemy…

It’s been growing in me and recently I hit a tipping point – I am going to start aggressively resisting being connected all the time. I’ve had a mobile phone hanging around my neck since 1995 (25 years) and a computer and emails since the early 80’s (1980’s). Anybody remember the old Apple IIe? I’m … Continue reading

Saturday Briefing to Ministers and those they minister to

How to tell about the birth of your perfect grandchild in thirty minutes or less

Recently I listened to an excellent podcast my wife recommended to me. It is a podcast that is produced by Jennifer Rothschild a well-known speaker and author. (Go here to listen.) I want to highlight a couple of great communication principles that really stood out to me from the podcast. (Oh I wish had learned … Continue reading