Your plans will not work out.

January 1 and a brand new year is almost here!

Time to start planning for a great year, but there’s one important disclaimer you must remember…

Your plans will not work out.

At least not in the exact way you planned for them.

The unexpected is going to happen.  Unforeseen events or going to happen, uninvited guests are going to show up, and you are going to forget something or lose something. 

Count on it; it’s going to happen.

So, is the point not to plan and just life willy-nilly hoping things work out?

Of course not. 

By all means plan but understand the purpose of planning.  Planning is not about getting it 100% right, planning is about the process of getting you right.

First you plan, then you keep growing and thus adjust your plans according and repeat…

The ONE THING for today: Plan, embrace the unexpected, adjust your plans, and enjoy the journey, while you do it all over again and again.

One thought on “Your plans will not work out.

  1. Marvelous blog! Thank you Pastor Kemp! Bespeaks the truth of life here on planet earth, for sure! Love your use of one of my favorite phrases – Willy-nilly! Claudia

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