So, back to the subject of where souls come from…

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Without going into a long discourse, the general consensus is that “souls” are created at the moment of conception.  What this means is that humans are not a soul that lives in a body, we are both soul and body. 

A good example of this is my soon to be born sixth grandchild—Ruby Carolyn. 

I am waiting to hear the first cry of little Ruby C. on her first day. I am waiting to hold her in my arms, and I am waiting, through she will not understand just yet, to whisper in her ear that I love her. 

In other words, I am not waiting on a human specter or ghost; I am waiting on a sweet little human girl—both body and soul.

And the good news is that we will always be both soul and body. 

The blessed hope of the resurrection teaches us that death is not final; it is only a transition—a transition from having an earthly body with all it’s limitations to having an eternal glorified body that will be amazing beyond description.

There are a number of things I could highlight today, but I will settle with this….

The ONE THING for today: Christmas is both a happy and sad time.  The longer you live the more you realize the shortness of life.  But heaven awaits those who die in Christ.  And when we join them we will discover that, like me waiting for Ruby Carolyn to be born, they have been waiting for us; they have been waiting to hear our voice, hold us tight, and whisper in our new glorified ear, “I love you.”

Welcome home!

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