How to create extraordinary

Processes (Formulas, directions, policies, recipes, etc.) are important, but only as long as they are the best way to achieve the outcome.

Focusing on getting the process right instead of the outcome tends to produce rigidity and mindless adherence to “this is how we’ve always done it” or “this is what the directions say” or “this is company policy.”

This mindset may produce the predictable average, but seldom a memorable and amazing moment or masterpiece.  

The ONE THING for today: Processes are designed to show us the minimal requirements to average and predictable outcomes.  That’s okay if you’re making “widgets” that must all be the same, but if you’re hoping for something extraordinary and amazing, the process will probably need to be tweaked a little every time.    

It’s been awhile since I have shamelessly bragged on my perfect grandchildren. Here’s a rare picture of all five of them together with their “Papa” and “Great Grand Papa”. I’m sure God has a minimal standard in His baby factory in Heaven, but thankfully he tweaks every baby born and makes them all eternal, amazing, and extraordinary masterpieces.

And by the way, don’t hold it against God for how the two old men look–they are mostly responsible for that!

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