Your talent is…

What is your talent?

Working hard is good, but working hard at something you’re not good at or do not find fulfilling is…, well…hard.

Having a lot of experience and seniority at something you don’t really enjoy is…well…not enjoyable.

Showing grit and determination at something that feels like banging your head against the wall may get you a paycheck, but it will also give you a headache. 

But your talent… (and you have some)

Now that’s where things get interesting.

The ONE THING for today: Many people think of their talents in terms of hobbies and weekend fun. But I encourage you to find a way to leverage your talents toward achieving your responsibilities.  Not only will greater productive soon follow, but also greater fulfillment and purpose.  (You’ve made excuses long enough; do it!)

Looking for some inspiration for discovering some hidden talents? Check these out and try a couple at work tomorrow. That all ought to get things moving in a positive direction! 🙂

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