Running scared

There is a world of difference between running scare and running to win.

When you’re running scared you are running from something.  You are frightened; you are scrambling with no real direction; you’re just hoping to survive.  You are reacting; you’re not in charge. 

When you’re running to win you are running toward something.  You are hopeful; you have a goal; life could be better; there is something to gain.  Bottom line, you are living an intentional life.

Neither has a guarantee – what you’re running from may outrun you and bring you down.  What you are running to win may be beyond you and you fail. 

But to fail at trying to win is far better than spending the rest of your days running scared.

The ONE THING for today: To stop running scared and to start running to win requires a change of direction.  What is the one thing you can start doing today that will change the direction you are going?  Start running in that direction…

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