The best friend you forgot you had.

No matter how tough your life is right now, you are just one idea away from breaking out and going to a brand new and better level of life.

Of course, life is not designed for you to get that one idea.  Like the whiteouts we have in the Dakotas, the fast pace of life, all the noise of news, emails, snail mail (mostly junk mail but you’re afraid to toss it before checking it out because it looks so official), the 53rd forward that you absolutely must pass on to all your friends, and dozens of other must-do things that are vying for your time and attention can blind you and numb you from getting that one idea. 

But, here’s some good news!!!

You have a friend fighting for you to get that one idea—your pastor.  Yes, you read that right, your pastor may be your very best friend that you forget you had.

How many friends do you have that were called of God to be your friend? 

I’m not talking about preachers in general.  Most of them are pretty good guys and gals but they were called to be someone else’s friend. 

But your pastor…they’re different.

They were called by God to care for you.  All week long your pastor has been stressing over getting just the right word for you this Sunday.  Your pastor built their sermon with you in mind.  (That is one of the major reasons you need to go to your church and not stay home and channel surf to find some interesting and entertaining preacher on television or Facebook live who knows nothing about you.)

Remember, all you need is one idea to have your life changed forever.  One idea…think about that.

So, this Sunday go to your church with pen and paper or some note-taking app opened on your smart phone and listen to your pastor’s sermon for that one idea for this week. 

I hope it is, but don’t expect the whole sermon to be great or interesting—everything you say is not great and interesting, why expect that of your pastor?  Remember, all you need is one idea and God called your pastor to give you that idea. 

The ONE THING for today: Don’t go to church this Sunday expecting a great sermon, go to church this Sunday expecting God to give you one great idea through your pastor’s sermon.  

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