Saturday Preacher/Teacher Briefing

Hammer it home!

Last Saturday I shared one of two great communication principles. Select, don’t compress. Today let’s look at the second principle. It is better to hit one nail three times than to hit three nails one time. I know…a little underwhelming isn’t it? It is certainly not rocket science and probably beneath a distinguished homiletics … Continue reading

Book recommendation

The Contemporary Pulpit Library: Semons by J. B. Lightfoot

This was my first introduction to J. B. Lightfoot–and it was a good one.  I was blessed and inspired by each sermon and was particularly pleased with Lightfoot’s three essays on “Christianity and Paganism”. George Alford, an early mentor in my life, through we didn’t call them that back then, encouraged me to regularly read … Continue reading


Which sermon should I use?

Saturday is the day for finishing up my Sunday Sermon.  A while back I ran across this “Sermon Sampler”; which one do you think I should preach? The Cotton Candy Sermon: Very sweet and full of air. When bitten in to – nothing there. The Stuffed Olive Sermon: Pleasantly fashioned, pleasingly tart.  Stuffed with intellect … Continue reading