To those listening to sermons

“I once asked Dr. Louis Evans Sr., at that time pastor of the largest Presbyterian church in the world, “What is your secret?”  Without blinking he said, “McGinnis, you can’t give out without taking in.”  And he went on to explain that he arrived at his study by 7:00 each morning and took no calls until 11:00.” _ Alan L. McGinnis, How to Succeed at Being Yourself


TO: Those listening to sermons

You cannot imagine how difficult it is and how much time is required to built a good sermon. And then to have this task laid upon you to craft a new sermon week after week for years! It is a hercularian task.

More importantly, as little as it is regarded in our world where many have the attention span of a gnat, preaching is God’s chosen method for sharing the greatest news on earth.

What to do?

Protect your pastor’s time. Pay him/her to study, research and craft sermons. Endorse that as their first priority and let your pastor know this.

All else is extra.

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