There’s a whole lot of bull out there

“There are a lot of different types of sermons.  There’s the expository sermon, the topical sermon and then there is the Longhorn sermon – a point here and a point there and a lot of bull in between.” _Chuck Swindoll


What happened yesterday, that if you had not known, it would have been disastrous for you?

What about 365 days ago?

What about 1826 days ago? (Five years, including leap year.)

What about 100 years ago?

I am writing this on May 13th. Did you know that on May 13, 1922 that:

  • The Council of the League of Nations voted to assume a protectorate over Albania after the government of the Balkan nation requested the League to take responsibility for its international affairs.
  • Morvich won the Derby and Pillory won the Preakness.
  • Romantic film leading man Rudolph Valentino and Winifred Hudnut, the art director in his film Camille, were married in Mexico in Mexicali.
  • Bea Arthur, Emmy Award-winning American TV actress known for Maude and The Golden Girls; as Bernice Frankel, in New York City (d. 2009)

I didn’t know any of these things but have somehow managed to muddle through my life thus far.

The ONE THING for today: There are a lot of “evangelist” out there preaching Longhorn sermons trying to tell you what is important and which side you need to be on. Remember, most of it is bull. What they’re really trying to do is sell ads and get ratings. You’d be better served to tune most of it out. If something truly important happens, someone who really cares for you will let you know.

In the meantime, get on your with your life and be a news maker instead of a news junkie.


Photo by Larry Costales on Unsplash

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