No opinion zone

Here’s an important public service announcement: You do not have to decide hardly anything and you do not have to have an opinion about hardly anything!  (This is good news!!!)

Every day you are pestered and bombarded by requests to make a decision about something that doesn’t matter to you or that you can do nothing about.

Every day your important work is hindered by people trying to force you to have an opinion about something that, once again, you cannot do one thing about or that you really could care less about. 

Try this: Be an agnostic about almost everything.

Agnostic: a person who is unwilling to commit to an opinion about something.

_Merrian Webster On-line Dictionary


We often categorize the word agnostic as having to do with faith and believe in God.  However, my believe in a real and active God is what allows me to be agnostic about almost every other thing. 

I don’t have to know the answer about everything.  I don’t have to spend the mental energy and stop what I’m doing or ruin my day with negative chit chat trying to form an opinion about something that is way above my pay grade (or worse yet, way below my pay grade).  God’s got it; so, I don’t have to.

For example, the hot topic right now is the battle between the Democrats and President Trump and building a wall to keep illegal aliens out of our country.  I’m sure this is an important issue.  But honestly, do you really think it matters one wit what yours and my opinion about it is? 

Do you really think it adds value to our life if we get all emotional about the President or Speaker Pelosi and their verbal jousting? 

If you are a citizen of the U.S.A., there is only one day in the next 623 days (as of February 18, 2019) that you will not want to be an agnostic about President Trump and that is November 3, 2020 when US citizens decide who is going to be their president for the next four years.  On that day, by all means become a believer.  Do your homework, make an informed judgement and then go vote. 

And by the way, unless you happen to live in California’s 12th congressional district, you will never be able to vote on Ms. Pelosi, so why are you bothering about her at all?  It is far better to worry about the eternal destiny of your co-worker and even what you’re going to feed your family for dinner tonight than waste time fretting over Speaker Pelosi.

So, outside of November 3, 2020, by all means pray for your leaders that they will do the right thing, but otherwise, let the talking heads blabber on and on until the cows come home and let the guys at the office waste their time pontificating about it all they want while you go do something that matters.

This is works with almost everything.

When someone ask you what you think about what the boss said or did, or the price of tea in China, or the way Sally What’s-her-name is wearing her hair, just reply, “I’m agnostic about it.” 

It will be worth it just to see the blank look in their eyes the first time or two you do it.  Even better, after about four or five times of doing this, people will stop wasting your time…and that’s the point.  You matter, you have things to do that matters, and wasting your time matters.

The ONE THING for today: Try agnosticism for about everything.   

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