Is the Bible divine?

Hang with me here…but it is possible to make an idol out of the Bible.  There’s even a word for this, it’s called Bibliolatry.

Remember it is God who is divine, not our divinely-inspired Bible.

Symptoms of bibliolatry would include:

  • Translation wars where someone gets decidedly unbiblical defending their preferred translation. 
  • Endless bible studies that do not translate into changed lives.  It is far easier to study the Bible than let God study us!
  • Making the bible a good luck charm.  This is the opposite of endless bible studies.  This is where a person seldom, if ever, reads the bible but it makes them feel good having one lying around. (Maybe it’s grandmother’s worn and well-read bible – you can have grandmother’s bible but not grandmother’s God.)

Bottom line, just like the pagan’s struggle with confusing the awe-inspiring beauty of the divinely-created universe with the Creator, it is possible to confuse the elegant and divinely-inspired Bible with its Author.

The ONE THING for today: Friend, dust off your Bible and let it point you to a living God who loves you infinitely.   

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