Pain can only take you so far.

Pain is a wonderful motivator.   

People change when they feel pain.  But I promise you, change that comes from pain will only take you so far.  If pain is your catalyst for change, once the pain eases up, motivation dries up. 

This is true whether you’re seeking change in your waistline, relationships, career, or whatever. 

The truth is, deep, abiding, and significant change only comes through love.  To truly experience permanent change, you must replace that which you love now with a greater, more-noble love. 

Bottom line, we love that which we value and we value that which we invest in.  Therefore, if you hope to experience true change, divert your time, energy and passions toward a greater and more-nobler cause and mission. 

Finally, let me remind you, the greatest, most-worthy, and ultimate cause and mission in life is a person—God.  And the irony is, like unfurling a blanket to place on your bed, when loving God becomes your supreme passion and focus in life, everything else aligns itself in its proper place and the change you hoped for and long for occurs. 

  • The ONE THING for today: True change only comes when your love for God is greater than that which you are hoping to change. 


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