Don’t miss your hour

John 13:1 (NKJV) …now when Jesus knew that his hour had come…

What if each of us has an “hour” (a great task to complete, a great responsibility to carry, a great test to pass)?  It doesn’t mean that the other things we do do not matter.  But what if there is a special, singular task that you and I are appointed to do and to miss it is to miss our main purpose for having been born?

What if all of life is about preparing us for that one great “hour”?  What if, after you’ve completed your task God takes you home? 

If this were true, then today is either about preparing you for your task or completing your task. 

Don’t get caught up in all the noise of the crowds and the thrill of walking on water, opening blinded eyes, and even bringing people back from the dead.  Man is doing a lot of amazing things now-a-days.  You are doing a lot of amazing things now-a-days.  But, like Jesus, to equate your purpose with being successful, or spectacular, or significant, is to miss the point. 

Like Jesus, who certainly did a lot of amazing things along the way, I suspect your “hour” [your purpose], is closely connected to a Cross. 

You’ll seldom find the trappings of success near a Cross.  Comfort and affluence, encouragement and celebration—these are uncomfortable around a Cross.  But you will find redemption, courage, and eternal life nestled up close to a Cross.

Perhaps you are on your Cross right now—laying down your life for your family and the lost.  Perhaps you are caught in the cross fire of the age old struggle between good and evil and the only thing keeping your loved-one(s) from eternal destruction is your prayers and unconditional love.

Perhaps the only reason you are still alive is that your “hour” will be to die well—having modeled the walk of faith through all the stages of life with its tests and trials, and temptations, and then your hour comes—your family and perhaps a few close friends gathered at your feet as they witness an old soldier—a good and faithful soldier who fought a good fight and kept the faith—watching as the angels take you home and whispering in their hearts, “That’s how I want to live and die.”

Give your best today; do what is required and do it with excellence and integrity—as unto the Lord.  But remember, your hour is coming; be ready for it, don’t miss it, for your hour is what makes all the other stuff matter.    

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