Sonja’s tiny diamond

Sonja and I were married almost five years before I brought her a diamond.

It was not because of a lack of love, we were, as they say in my neck of the woods, “dirt poor” in those days.

Finally, I begged, borrowed, stole (just kidding!) and scraped together enough money to surprise my wife with a diamond for Christmas. I put it in the toe of her stocking and so it was the very last gift she received.

I’ll never forget how she reached inquisitively down into the toe of her stocking and pulled out that little jewelry box and the delight she had when, looking through a huge magnifying glass (well not quiet, but almost), and discovering the tiny little diamond I was able to afford and give to her as a token of my undying love and commitment to her.

God’s been good to us over the years and I have since brought Sonja a diamond more in line with how much I love and value her.

However, nothing can replace that special moment in the parsonage at New Ellenton, SC on a Christmas morning when, tiny as it was, I gave.

  • The ONE THING for today: Don’t wait until you have abundance to give; give what you have now; the memories will be priceless and small gifts have a way of becoming harvests of gold that pay dividends for a lifetime.  


Little Drummer Boy

Shall I play for you on my drum?

Mary nodded

The Ox and Lamb kept time

I played my drum for Him

I played my best for Him

Then He smiled at me

Me and my drum

 Check out this link to hear “Little Drummer Boy”

2 thoughts on “Sonja’s tiny diamond

  1. Good morning Pastor David… that sweet story. Like they say good things come in little packages. Have a blessed day and love to you and Sonja.


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