The ONE THING for today

Just how blind is love?

  • 1 Timothy 2:3 (AMP) …not combative…

Oh that we would learn Paul’s admonition to Timothy!  Do not be combative… untitled

We live in such an aggressive, competitive, in-your-face world.  It is hard not to fall into the same pattern.  However, when it comes to people, force is the least effective way of getting things done.

Short term, “muscling up” on someone or “pulling rank” or disguising force behind a velvet glove (passive aggressive behavior), can be an effective way to get something done; but in the long run you lose.

Whether it’s the strong-armed parent, the over-bearing boss, or the Empire builder (like the old U.S.S.R.), in the end those who take the shortcut of using force to make things happen lose out.

Learn a lesson from Jesus.

When confronting Simon Peter about his abject failure of cowardly betraying Him, Jesus asked a strange question.  He didn’t ask:

  • “Are you sorry you betrayed me?”
  • “Do you repent and promise to never do it again?”
  • “Do you believe in me?”
  • “Will you obey me?”

All these seem to be logical questions, but Jesus didn’t ask that, instead he asked: “Do you love me?”

Jesus understood that force, guilt, manipulation, perks, pay, and privilege—none of these are as powerful as the power of love.

Often you will hear someone say when speaking about an unlikely couple being together: “What do they see in each other?”

The common response is: “Love is blind.”

I beg the difference.  Love is not blind; love sees far better than any other power or force in the world.

If you truly love someone and they love you then together you are welding a weapon far more powerful than position, rank, and power.

The bible got it right: “The greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13)

Get love right and you will get everything else right…eventually.

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