Don’t do anything before answering these three questions

Here we go…the three questions you should answer before doing anything…

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. What does a win look like?
  3. What specifically needs to be done now?

Trust me, if you will learn the habit of mentally answering these three questions it will transform your life.

Do it for everything…

Before making a call
Sending a text
Posting something on social media
Ordering lunch
Starting a project
Making a purchase

Before doing anything

Question one has to do with purpose, your mission and calling…the future. Get it right and the entire trajectory of your life stays on course.

Question two has to do with outcome. Something is going to happen as a result of your actions. Being clear on what has to happen for you to call it a win greatly increases the chances of you actually winning.

Question three has to do with focus. You are a limited resource. Why waste your life on distractions and busy work. Do what you do on purpose and with laser sharp focus and watch good things start to happen!

Do I always do this? I wish I could answer that I do, but truthfully I don’t. Emotions derail me. I get caught up in the moment, the peer pressure, the crowd, weariness and fatigue but I can honestly say that when I ignore these questions the results are seldom as good as when I slow down enough to give an answer to the three questions you should answer before doing virtually anything.

The ONE THING for today: The three-question process that I have given you will slow you down enough to get on the fast track for meaningful and true success.

2 thoughts on “Don’t do anything before answering these three questions

  1. Good advise. One question I ask myself often is ” what did I come in here for ” or ” what was I doing?” Comes with age I guess.
    Hate to hear you’re going to Illinois. Another adventure for you and Sonja. You’ll do great for God. Love you both and still miss you. Be praying for us since Mark is leaving. I have no idea of anyone. Only God’s will.


    1. Good morning Sister Phyllis! Love your questions! 🙂 As I get older I can relate more and more! But actually they are very good questions. Just think how much money we could save if we kept asking your two questions when we go to Wal Mart!

      And of course I will be praying about your new pastor search. Fort Mill COG is one of the top churches in our denomination, it will be able to attract the finest the COG has to offer. Trust God, trust the process and good things will happen. God already knows who he wants to step it…it will just take a little time and a lot of prayer.

      Give my love to all. dlk


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