The Brute Reality…

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” _Albert Einstein


Currently Sonja and I are going through a major transition in our lives.

Experts who study these things tell us that a relocation is one of the most stressful things we can do. I get it…

Packing memories, letting go, disengaging and looking towards another landmark and station of service is an emotional ordeal.

This is not good or bad…it just is and it is an essential part of living.

However, I keep reminding myself that my emotions do not negate the brute reality that I must be out of my current residence in just a very few days and be at my next station of service to pick up the reins there. This is a nonnegotiable, an absolute, the brute reality.

So what must I do?

I must do the next most necessary thing that aligns me best with the current reality.

It may be packing a box, returning a call, or trouble-shooting a pending issue. But whatever it is, wishing that life would wait on my time table or wish list will do nothing but set me up for failure.

What about you?

What is the brute reality in your life today?

Whining about it, ignoring it, wringing your hands and hoping someone else will do something won’t change a thing. What must be done is that you step up and do the next most obvious next thing that is required in light of your current reality–in spite of your feelings, wishes, or regrets.

The ONE THING for today: Time to step up my friend. There’s a bright new future for you out there. It won’t be easy but then no true friend ever promised you that it would be. But you can do this…you can face the brute reality of life and succeed. (I can speak with confidence…this is not my first rodeo!)

And if you don’t have anything else to do, come on over and help me pack boxes and load a U-Haul!

Photo by boris misevic on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “The Brute Reality…

  1. Seems many lives are in a change right now. Praying for you and Sister Sonja on your new adventure, as well as Pastor Mark and Sister Al’Lora
    on theirs. Also, praying for our church in FM and the wonderful churches you are leaving behind. However, we know God has a plan for us all, and we will trust Him.


    1. Hey Patsy! Great to hear from you. Yes, this appears to be a season of change for many. But I reminded myself just yesterday of a sermon I preached at Fort Mill a number of years ago. In that sermon I ask, “In light of your current circumstances, what has changed about God?”

      An of course, the answer is, “Nothing!”

      God still loves us all and he will continue to lead us through this season.

      Love to you and John – you are dear, dear friends.


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