Rule #93

I’ve added a new rule to my list of Life Rules to Live By.

Rule #93: When you have a question or concern, go to the one who actually has the answer.

Here’s the background…

Recently in a conversation with a respected mentor in my life I expressed concerns I had with two important organizations that impact my life.

The first thing he asked me, “Have you called the leaders of these organizations and asked them about these issues?”

(Background: This is something that I could realistically do.)


Oh how many times I’ve given other people the very same advice when they would call me wanting to complain about things that were not my responsibility.

The truth is, far too much, we’d just rather talk and fuss and gossip about an issue than get real answers and solutions. We’re more curious than we are concerned.

I also added a couple ancillary principles that go along with Rule #93

  • Ancillary principle #1: If I have no access to the actual person with the answer, I should go to the one closest to the actual person that I do have access to.
  • Ancillary principle #2: If I have no access to anyone remotely close to the situation, then I’m probably just being nosey and meddling in something I have no business meddling in. I’d be better served taking care of those things that are actually within my sphere of responsibility and influence and leave those “above my pay grade” issues to those who are getting paid at that level.

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