The other guy…

“Which television ad would catch your attention? A breakfast cereal “loaded with fiber and vitamins” or one that will “lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level and help prevent a stroke”? I’ll bet it’s the second approach, because it appeals to your “enlightened self-interest.” When you’re trying to sell something—be it a product, a service, even an idea—don’t just tell them about it. Tell people how it will benefit their lives.” — Cut to the Chase: and 99 Other Rules to Liberate Yourself and Gain Back the Gift of Time by Stuart R. Levine


As the old political adage goes: Ultimately, all politics is local. 

In the same way, no matter what you are trying to achieve, communicate or sell, ultimately you will have to help the other person(s) answer the question, “Why does this matter to me?”

The ONE THING for today: Until it really matters to the other guy, it doesn’t really matter how good your idea is or noble your intentions are towards them.

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