When to do nothing?

“Freedom is one of the most central human values. Without it, people cannot become what they are capable of becoming.” _Robert E. Quinn, Building the Bridge as You Walk On It


If you really care about people the last thing you need to do is play amateur providence in their life.

Deciding whether or not to spare people stress, pain, and even failure is above your paygrade. The very things you may try to spare them from may be what is required for them to succeed.

Like the caterpillar struggling to break free from it’s cocoon and the baby chick trying to escape from the egg it was nurtured in, often it is the struggle that makes us strong.

What you can do is be available to listen, advise (if asked), and keep them from stepping in front of a moving bus (for growth, not death is the goal).

The ONE THING for today: Sometimes the best (and hardest!) thing you can do for for people is nothing.

Ancillary ONE THING: If you are scratching your head wondering why someone is not stepping in to help you, it may be because they care for you so much.

Photo by Krzysztof Niewolny on Unsplash

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