Treadmill Excellence

A few weeks ago Sonja and I were privileged to worship at the BigLife Church in Rapid City, SD which is led by Pastor Jeff/Katie Bowman.

Pastor Jeff is an excellent communicator and to assist the listener in retaining what he’s attempting to teach he prepares an excellent handout that provides an outline of his sermon.

I noticed on this particular Sunday that Pastor Jeff had placed an outline and pen on every seat.

I chuckled a bit and thought to myself, “Pastor is expecting a crowd today!”

Most people would have calculated approximately how many people would usually be there and thrown in a few extra copies just in case someone new showed up.

But not Pastor Jeff.

He was making a statement — both to himself to his members…

A statement of faith.

A statement of expectation.

A statement of intention.

Kudos Pastor Jeff! You taught me something that day–even before the sermon.

Life is a lot like walking on a treadmill.

You can use a treadmill for one of two reasons. You can use a treadmill to maintain or you can use a treadmill to train.

Both are better than sitting on the couch.

The first use, like those who prepare an excellent handout and calculate how many are usually there, helps you maintain.

The second, like preparing an excellent handout and placing a copy on every seat, prepares you for where you want to go.

The ONE THING for today: Give your best effort at taking care of business today, but never lose sight of where you want to go.

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