Forward looking….

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for... _Hebrews 11:1


Have you ever noticed that we never hope for things in the past?

We never say things like, “I sure hope we get to go to the beach last year.”

You never hear a guy in his 70’s say, “I sure hope my parents give me a car when I graduate from High School.”

“Things hoped for” is always about the future…not the past.

Also, the longer the time horizon the greater the chance your hope will become substance.

For example, if you hope you lose ten pounds in the next six minutes about the only option you have is to cut your leg off or better yet, get someone to lob your head off.

But if you’re willing to extend your time horizon then hope can inspire you to make the substantive changes required to turn your hope into reality.

The point?

The ONE THING for today: No matter what has happened or is happening, don’t lose hope for a better future.

See it clearly!

Seek it earnestly!

Seize it hopefully!

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