Good Fishermen Are Good Counters

“Dear Lord, give me the serenity to accept the size of fish I catch, the courage not to lie about it and the wisdom to know that none of my fishing buddies would believe me anyway!” _The Fisherman’s Prayer


I live in a sportsman’s paradise.

I am surrounded by hunters and fishermen, and there’s something I know about every good hunter and fishermen – they’re good counters.

A hunter knows how many horns a buck has, they know how many pheasants they bag.

A fisherman knows how many fish they catch and how long they were and how much they weighed.

This is true for anyone who cares about what they do.

People who really care don’t deal in approximations and generalities.

People who care, count something.

People who count, count.

Numbers matter

Moms don’t guess at how many children they have and if they are all present.

A good treasurer doesn’t estimate the deposit.

A good pastor, concerned about the eternal well-being of those he serves, knows how many people are in church.

A good dieter knows how many pounds they’ve lost.

A championship calibre player knows where their team is in the standings.

A good farmer knows how many acres they have and what kind of return they can expect with each crop they grow.

The good politician knows how many votes they got, the best CEO’s know their profits, the successful astronaut knows exactly the trajectory required to reach their target.

How could they not? To get their numbers wrong is to fail.

Bottom line, successful people are good counters and they know the right things to count.

The ONE THING for today: Find something worth counting, for until you are willing to face the numbers, don’t expect the rewards that the numbers represent.

Photo by Domie Sharpin on Unsplash

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