Daring to live, even if it kills you

“Who Dares Wins.” _Motto for the British Special Air Service


Of course it could also be: “Who Dares Dies” for all those would dare do not win, sometimes they lose…even their lives.

But then there are far worse things than death…

  • To be a coward
  • To know you lived at the expense of others and did nothing with the sacrifice that was given
  • To be so ruled by fear that you never dared to really live
  • To not have any values, principles, causes worth dying for
  • To have no one you love enough to die for

The ONE THING for today: There’s far worse things than dying.

And by the way, dying is not always the cessation of breath and a heartbeat. Often it is dying to self in order to serve a greater purpose and cause.

Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

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