I am so sorry

“In repentance there are three main ingredients, all which must be before forgiveness. They are contrition, confession, and conversion.” _Thomas Watson, The Lord’s Prayer


Some have called the times we live in as the era of “easy grace.”

One result of this is that true repentance has become a lost art.

I like Watson’s definition above. Before forgiveness can occur and grace abundantly flow three things must occur:

  • Contrition – I am heartbroken about what I have done to you.
  • Confession – I acknowledge to you what I have done and own the collateral damage I have caused.
  • Conversion – I shall change my ways.

Then the door swings wide for forgiveness to occur and amazing grace to flow.

Too often we confuse mercy with grace and think that just because, on the surface, things seem to be okay that we are walking in grace. Actually nothing is really resolved. God (and humans) are just being merciful for the moment.

The ONE THING for today: Imagine what would happen if we truly and regularly repented when needed. What reconciliation, healing, and grace flowing freely from the heart of God and the hearts of those we love!

Photo by Hafit on Unsplash

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