Be Dumber this Year

“If we would please in society, we must be prepared to be taught many things we know already by people who do not know them.” _Sebastien Roch Nicolas Chamfort, 1741-1794


Be dumber this year.

Ask many questions, give few answers.

Better yet, listen more, talk less.

Give opinions even less.

Be taught even when you already know what is being taught.

Be topped, let others win.

Refuse to be offended, play dumb and don’t take the bait.

Shelve your honor and carry a towel and basin.

Play the same game and watch the same program with little children as many times as they want.

Listen to people’s stories no matter how many times you’ve already heard them.

Play dumb! Make every time the first time.

The ONE THING for today: Try this for a year. I predict it will be one of the best years of your life—you will be admired, loved, and appreciated like never before, for people smart enough to play dumb are so rare.

Oh, and what to do when you met someone truly dumb? Be kind. Afterall, all of us are truly dumb in more ways than we’d like to admit.

Nicolas Chamfort (1741-1794) who lived a very troubled life, oddly enough, because he could not practice what he preached and keep his mouth shut (or pen capped).

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