There’s a promise for that

“God has spoken and God will act. Christ has come once and Christ will come again. We have heard the promises and we will witness the event. However long the waiting takes, it is only the gap between the thunder and the lightning.”— God in the Dark: The Assurance of Faith Beyond a Shadow of Doubt by Os Guinness


I have a quote file that I like to review each morning. I’ve been doing this for decades and thus have accumulated several thousand “favorite” quotes. The goal is to read them all each year and add a few along the way.

To ensure that I complete this annual goal, I daily calculate how many days are left in the year and divide the number of unread quotes by the remaining number of days. (Did you get that Einsteinian level math!?)

But anyway, the point is to break down my daily reading to a manageable level.

The trouble is, several times a year I forget to update my math or I’m not certain that I did. So each time I will laboriously count through all the remaining months of the year to calculate how many days are left in the year in order to update my reading calculations.

Recently I found myself, once again, counting how many days were left in the year when it occurred to me, “I have an app for this.” Yes, right on my phone I have a countdown app that will calculate how many days there are till kingdom come (if I knew for certain when the kingdom was coming).

Why didn’t I think of this before!?

Why don’t we think of that when we are faced with uncertainity, fear, and doubt?

Why don’t we think of that when we are tested, tried, and troubled?

Each time and in each situation, I promise–God’s got a promise for that.

THE ONE THING for today: Whatever you face with the new upcoming year, God’s already made a promise that will take care of it.

This picture of Beaver Lake at the Beaver Lake State Park, located in Logan County, ND was taken on a cold November day. I remember that day well. I was captured by the stark beauty of the winter landscape. But, I also remembered that winter is not forever…Spring was coming and things would be green and alive and fruitful again. It’s good to remember that when going through our own winter landscapes.

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