Random Musings, Volume 6 | Week of December 26, 2021 – January 1, 2022

There are only two towns in the USA named Walhalla.  One is in North Dakota and the other is in South Carolina (where my parents live).  Earlier this year Sonja and I visited the town in North Dakota.  We visited some of the shops on Main Street and struck up a conversation with the pharmacist in the local Drug Store and turns out that the postal service consistently gets the local prescriptions mixed up between the two Walhallas and sends them to the wrong Drug Store. As a result, the two pharmacists have struck up a good long-distance friendship. 

Run the clock up a couple months and now Sonja and I are ducking into a few of the little shops on Main Street in Walhalla SC earlier this week.  One of those was the local Drug Store.   I struck up a conversation with the pharmacist and he learned that I live in North Dakota.  He said, “You may not be aware of this, but there are only two towns in the USA named Walhalla and the other one is in North Dakota…” 

That was when the light came on…here I was several months later and 1600 miles away from that little Drug Store in Walhalla, ND connecting the dots on a long distance friendship. 

Pretty neat huh?  One of those interesting things that happen sometimes on this journey called life.


(This ran through my mind this week while listening to a longggg conversation by a guy — who was not an expert — who had all the answers.)

If you’re the smartest person in the room you are probably either an expert or a poor leader.  If you are surrounded by people smarter than you then you are probably a secure, smart, and successful leader or on your way to becoming one.


Money Matters: Here’s a blog worth reading: Create a stable life, not a stable job.  Here’s the link: https://tynan.com/stable/



  1. “As the conversation continued, his mood became increasingly thoughtful—not gloomy, but quietly and deeply reflective, the kind of mood no one ever feels in a fast-food restaurant.” — Inside Out by Larry Crabb
  2. “Journals chronicle journeys.” _John Eldredge, Desire: The Journey We Must Take to Find the Life God Offers


Closing Comment

I enter this New Year with much more humility than I used too. 

I remember the first Sunday of 1996.  I was the freshly minted pastor of the Fort Church of God with not even two months under my belt.  Yet on the first Sunday of 1996 I “cast vision” of what I saw for the church in 1996.  I had 96 goals for 1996 (It’s a miracle I didn’t go with 1996 goals!)

I remember wincing a bit back in January 2020 as I heard ministers cast vision on having “20/20 Vision in 2020!”  If they had only known!

Am I against audacious goals and forecasting what the future could hold?  Of course not. 

It’s just that six and half decades of living have taught me to be more measured. Now I try to weigh out the cost and risk I am asking people to take. Now I first try to earn the trust I ask of people and then make the big ask. As businessman and author Max DePree stated,  “Leadership is serious meddling in the lives of others.”  That’s where the humility comes in.

So am I optimistic about 2022?  Not entirely, but I am confident…confident in the eternal and ageless One who is good and loving, kind and gracious, and who created us and ordained a plan for our lives. 

I can honestly say I as enter this New Year that I am at peace.  I have found God to be faithful, competent, and completely dependable (even when He is inscrutable.)  I have learned to trust Him and that makes all the difference when I face any uncertain future. 

And because I have learned to trust Him, I trust that this is going to be a good year.  I am certain that there will be times to exercise my faith and ignore my doubts, but I am equally certain that there will be moments of joy, celebration, and victory.   

So, let’s Run2Win this year by focusing on What’s Important Now and leave the future up to the One who is really in charge. 

With warmest regards and prayers for a truly Happy New Year for you all, I bid you adieu… for now,


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I like this picture because of the brown lettering. It reminded me of chocolate and as long as there is chocolate there is hope…hope for a Happy New Year! 🙂

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