Informed, but not overpowered

“Be informed, not overpowered.” _Henry Cloud


Do not be afraid to be informed.

We are wrong or at least not fully right far more than we’d like to admit.

The path of wisdom requires us to listen, to ponder, to consider, to reconsider the other side of the argument, the other point of view, something new.


You are right about something.

You are not the fount of all knowledge, but you know a few things.

Some of that knowledge has cost you a lot (or cost someone a whole lot) and you were humble enough and wise enough to embrace that knowledge and apply it to your life.

So stand your ground on your convictions but still be willing to listen…and even change. I like how Henry Cloud put it…

The ONE THING for today:

Be informed, not overpowered.

This is another picture I took at the Welk Homestead, located in Strasburg, ND and home of Ludwig and Christina Welk who immigrated from near Odessa, Russia, in 1893 and where their famous son Lawrence grew up.

These two buildings are the outhouse and kitchen, both separate from the house. Can you imagine walking to (and using!) either during a North Dakota winter!?

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