What is your opinion?

“People inevitably start out with an opinion; to ask them to search for the facts first is even undesirable.  They will simply do what everyone is far too prone to do anyhow: look for the facts that fit the conclusion they have already reached.  And no one has ever failed to find the facts he is looking for.” _Peter F. Drucker, The Essential Drucker


If we are really serious about getting to the truth of the matter (living in reality), the second most important questions we can ask is: “What do you think?”

This is a nice way of asking for someone’s opinion.

Then, the most important question to ask (if we have earned the right) is: “Could you be wrong?”

And, of course, we must answer these two questions too!

Then we will be ready to deal with reality.

The ONE THING for today:

Most of what you will have to deal with today will be opinions–including your own. Learning how to navigate those opinions to get to the truth of the matter will be one of the things that separates the winners from the losers.

This beautiful church is located in Bowdle, SD. Population 463. Pastor Ronnie Vetch is the pastor and has been serving his congregation and community for over 30 years. Small town U.S.A. at it’s best.

2 thoughts on “What is your opinion?

  1. Yes! Navigating through the day and the many opinions of others – quite the task at times!

    Love the church! Looks vaguely familiar. 🤔😘 Claudia

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