The insane asylums are full of people asking that question

My father-in-law, God bless him, had three inquisitive daughters. 

I’ve heard my wife refer many times to one of her dad’s favorite responses when one of his inquisitive daughters would come to him with an unanswerable question. He’d say, “The insane asylums are full of people asking that question.”

In other words, there are just some things above our pay grade. 

There always will be.

There are people making decisions somewhere every day that will affect your life and there’s not a thing you can do about.

There are new imponderable mysteries being discovered every day. 

Right now there are philosophers and scientists wrestling with new difficult questions and issues that will have a major impact on our culture and they are not sure what to do or how it will turn out. 

It can all be a little overwhelming if you let it.

But that’s just it…you must not let it!

You can function just fine not knowing the answer to every question and every mystery.  You do not have to have a strong opinion about every cause and every issue to make a positive difference right where you are.

There are just somethings above your pay grade.  Best to focus on what you can do.  Make your contribution and leave the rest to those who can answer the tough questions knowing that ultimately, there is One who has all the answers and He will get the last say.

The ONE THING for today:

The insane asylums are full of people trying to be God.  Don’t you join them.

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