Rules for Life & Ministry, Volume 1

Lesson: Rules for Life, Volume 1.

Occasion: Saturday Briefing

Date: May 8, 2021


Rules are very important.

  1. They allow you to make principle-bases decisions vs. emotional decisions.
  2. They allow you to put the odds in your favor (“the rule of thumb”).
  3. They add structure to your life.

How do you develop rules?

  1. Every time you are forced to make a decision, make a rule.
  2. Every time you experience misery or danger make a rule.
  3. Identify the universal rules – There are universal rules and to ignore them is set yourself up for pain and failure.
  • Conclusion: I encourage you to begin your own rules of life. 
  • Thesis: The more you can live a principle-lead life vs. an emotional and reactive lead life, the greater your chance of succeeding. 
  • Mission: My mission is to inspire you to begin developing your own Rules for Life and treat them like your proprietary playbook that you consult regularly in making decisions. 
  1. Identify them
  2. Review them regularly (memorize them)
  3. Codify them (teach them)

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