I’ve Never Needed That Before!

One of the happiest days of your life is when the words “I’ve never needed that before!” come out of your mouth. 


Because it means you’re growing…



…really living!

Your car needs a certain amount of oil to operate efficiently.  But it will never need a drop more.  It’s ability will never get any better than its design.  But you…you’re different. 

Read a stimulating book, take an inspiring trip, meet someone who is doing amazing things and inviting you to join them and suddenly you find yourself at a whole new level.  You’re learning things, going places, doing things that you never dreamed you’d do. 

And you’re helping people, advancing causes, and making a difference in ways you never thought you’d make.


You’ll finding yourself needing things you’ve never needed before.  What an exciting place to be!

Of course there’s a more challenging side to this.

You discover you’ve got cancer,

Your spouse decides to leave,

Your child makes a horrible choice,

Your company announces a merger that merges you right out of the picture,

Things like this could happen on any given day. 

But here’s the good news, even the dark paths can lead to a better future.  Even at their worse they can give you an opportunity to inspire and teach others by modeling courage, faith, and tenacity. 

The ONE THING for today:

No matter the changes you are going through and the challenges you’re facing, it’s a happy day; a good day when you can say, I never needed that before!

Photo by Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “I’ve Never Needed That Before!

  1. Thank you Pastor David for the encouraging words..reading from my hospital room. Had my left hip surgery yesterday! Would you and Sonja please pray for me? Love you both!


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