Pastor’s Briefing for August 28, 2020 | Seven “bosses” that will make your month a winning month

Seven Diagnostic Questions to Help You Leverage Your Life to the Fullest this Month!

Central Thought: Being intentional about having “bosses” in our lives to hold us accountable and to keep us on track are absolutely essential if we hope to leverage our lives to the fullest in service to our Lord and experience a full and fulfilling life.  Today I am giving you seven “bosses” that have greatly helped me over the years.  They are 7 of 29 diagnostic questions that I answer every month.  My challenge to you for this upcoming week is to take 5-10 minutes each day and answer the question of the day and see what your “boss” is telling you.

  1. Reflection question: Who am I here for? (“My purpose can be found just across the border of “What’s in it for me?”)
  2. Reflection question: What am I supposed to be doing?
  3. Reflection question: What do I need to create?
  4. Reflection question: What do I need to preserve?
  5. Reflection question:What do I need to eliminate?
  6. Reflection question: What do I need to accept?
  7. Reflection question: Am I replenished are drained and what is contributing to my current “joy quotient”?

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