The Boss asks, “Who are you here for?”

Reflection question: Who am I here for?  

What if you were doing what you were doing for free?  For the sheer love of it…or better yet for the sheer love of the people you are serving.

How would your ministry look? 

What decisions would you make? What would be your focus, and priorities?

If we are not careful, ministry can become about us; our dreams, and hopes, and aspirations.

Oh we can spiritualize it and rationalize it, but the truth is, if we are not vigilant, ministry can become more about ourselves than those we serve.

And in this new reality where the whole world is potentially watching us, we can easily lose sight of who we are really here for. 

That’s why we need a “boss” to sit us down at least once a month and ask us: “Who are you here for?” 

The ONE THING: Our purpose can be found just across the border of “What’s in it for me?” 

Marriage, Family, Ministry… life must never become about us.  Our decisions and priorities must always be motivated by doing what is best for those we serve and for advancing Christ’s purpose in their lives.  

And here’s the beauty of it, when we help enough people get what they want in life, we get what we want.  And when we help enough people become the person they should become in life; it helps us to become the person we ought to be.

Truly the boss is right on this one; being clear on who we are here for is a win/win proposition. 

The journey: Selfless to Self-Flagellant | by Keya Chanda | Medium

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