Being there

Funny thing about home…

First, home starts out as a place where you live, then it becomes a place you visit, and then along comes a pandemic that, like an iron curtain, sequesters and separates us and puts our lives on hold, and suddenly, for many, home is a place that is simply there

Doing there is perhaps the toughest assignment in life. 

You’re out of the mainstream, away from the action…mostly on the sidelines.

But never underestimate the importance of being there. 

Knowing that home is still there brings a sense of permanence in this crazy and ever-changing world.  You being there is a north star that helps guide and comfort your loved ones from afar.  Never doubt it…you just being there is a light in the darkness.

The ONE THING for today: Sometimes just being there is the toughest assignment of all, but remember, you are there for someone…and that makes all the difference.

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