A free pass

My dad is a kindness all-star.

That’s why I surprised one day when I got in his car and noticed a label on the dashboard which said, “Love is kind.”

I asked, “Dad, why do you have that label on your dashboard?”  He replied, “Son, I have to remind myself to be kind.  You know, it’s not always easy.”

Boy, do I know that!  And I thought, if my dad is having so much trouble being kind that he has to remind himself to do so, then I’m toast!

But then that’s the point.  Being kind is not easy.

How to win a Free Pass? | Bridgetown Trivia

It’s like giving someone a free pass. 

It costs you, but it costs them nothing. 

But aren’t free passes great!?

You get to go to the front of line.

You get a free appetizer or dessert.

You blow it, stumble, fall down and people don’t laugh.

You stick your foot in your mouth big-time, but someone gives you a free pass, another chance, a redo. 

It’s called kindness…

And it’s not easy, but it is always an option, and it is always a sign you are being motivated by love. 

The ONE THING for today: I’m giving you a box full of free passes.  Use them today…and be generous and be indiscriminate…toss them into the crowd and watch life get better.

One thought on “A free pass

  1. Love it!!! Thank you for the box of free passes! I will try to hand them out with love and generosity. Claudia

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