News alert!!!

For all the news junkies out there (you know who you are), let me offer you a few rules of engagement:

  • Rule #1: Talking about the news is not news.  Save yourself a boatload of time by asking yourself, “Is this really news, or is it just a group of people with opinions talking about the news.”
  • Rule #2: All news is not equal.  Save yourself a lot of wear and tear emotionally by asking yourself, “Is there really anything I can do about this?”  If so, listen on.  If not, turn it off!
  • Rule #3: Virtually all news can wait.  Don’t go to bed with your news anchor.  Even if its important for you to know, it can almost surely wait until the morning when you’re fresh and alert and have strength to do something about it.  (Refer to rule #2)
  • Rule #4: Instead of listening to the news, make news!  Why waste your life watching other people live theirs?  Get out there and do something worth others taking note of.

The ONE THING for today: “News” is to inform you, not form you.  Only imbibe in it in small doses.

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